The Volkswagen Beetle from A to Z:- Brazil

The Volkswagen Type 1 or “Fusca” (Beetle) as it was known, had a 24 year run as the best selling car in Brazil.

Volkswagen started to assemble the Type 1 in Brazil in 1953 because the Government had decreed that fully assembled vehicles could no longer be imported into the country.

Volkswagen Brazil has stamped its own personal persona to the cars it produces. When other manufacturers stopped making Ethanol powered vehicles in 1997, it carried on, producing in 2003 the first combination petrol and ethanol powered vehicle, the Golf 1.6 Flex.

Another interesting milestone in VW Brazil’s history was the AutoLatina joint venture with the Ford Motor Company from 1987 to 1995.

Today Volkswagen Brazil remains one of Volkswagen Flagship operations.