The Naked Roadtrip

or Some Saucy Pasta

In 2005, Jamie Oliver, also known as the “Naked Chef” undertook a food journey for Channel 4, partly as an adventure to mark his 30th birthday, and partly to do what he does best, entertain us with food.

The most noticeable element of this trip, was that he would undertake the trip in a Vintage 59 Volkswagen Split Window Samba Camper towing a custom made mobile kitchen. Now, this was no ordinary Camper, like the ones the Hippies used in the sixties, Jamie’s baby had a few extras, like a Porsche 2.4 914 engine, alloy wheels, about £10,000 of extras including satnav, two televisions, a PlayStation, and an audio upgrade.

Sounds like the makings of the perfect road trip, right. According to Oliver it actually was not.

“To be honest it was a complete pain. It was towing a heavy trailer so perhaps it’s not surprising that it broke down several times.”

The idea of having a compact vehicle that you can also live in, is a good one nd it is a pity that Oliver’s experience was not a good one, or we had had several more “naked “ road trips.

Here is the first episode of the series and the rest can be found here

The Mini Cooper

I took my drivers test using my brothers Mini (the original one not the retro one from BMw) and the first car I owned, was the Mini’s cousin, the Austin 11/55.  The only problem I had with my Austin and the Mini, the Universal Joints  wore out every 9 months or so and often broke when you did not need to find yourself stranded.

But this was price to pay, and I had lots of fun driving my Austin. Would I buy one a run around to day, yes I would. Doe it mean I like the Beetle any less, no. Today’s cars are just too sophisticated,  the older cars had no frills, you pointed them in the direction you were going and made like a bat out hell!